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    "It is my great pleasure to introduce Swan International P. Ltd. to the medical fraternity of Nepal. I am honored to be a member of such a progressive company since its establishment in 1996. We are glad to  dedicate our services  to enhance the quality of life of our people in Nepal.

    In Swan International, we are passionate about providing the best healthcare products. To achieve this goal, we represent multinational healthcare manufacturers to supply their most innovative products to the Nepalese market through addressing the unmet needs of the healthcare community & to help to improve access to the most updated medical technology.

    Guided by our Mission, Swan International is helping to supply enduring solutions to healthcare challenges. We embrace the opportunity that lies ahead to work with our healthcare partners & stakeholders including healthcare professionals, shareholders for a better world.

    Our ability to supply cost-effective therapies is critical to help patients receive treatments that restore them to active lives while minimizing the adverse economic impact.

    To effectively meet this challenge, Swan International will partner with world class companies, healthcare professionals and the government to provide the best solutions and help to improve access to the most updated medical technology.

    Create Value
    We seek to maximize the corporate values and profits while trying to meet the expectations of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, communities and employees.

    Commitment to Quality
    We pursue highest qualities for our products, services and operations to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and social value.

    Technology Innovation Makes a Difference
    We keep abreast of new and emerging technologies and continue to innovate.


    Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and dedicated employees who have shared in our incredible journey thus far.

    We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations. on this occasion, I would like to thank our healthcare partners and stakeholders for their trust on us since past 28 years & wish them all the best."




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